fast extraction
fast extraction, same protocol + Reduced Incubation Time ~ 10 Seconds using Vortex mixer

Galantos presents the new RSID Color Code


Our RSID Tests for Semen, Saliva, Blood and Urine are now color coded. This enables more rapid allocation of the test chips on the laboratory bench. Mix-ups and mistakes are thus virtually excluded. The quality and sensitivity of the tests remain unchanged.

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+ Reduced Incubation Time

To determine if RSIDSemen and RSID-Saliva are compatible with shorter sample extraction times, a series of time course experiments were undertaken with control swabs, aged samples (several years old), trace semen samples, and semen on fabrics/ trace saliva samples, and salivas on fabrics. These data clearly demonstrated that similar results could be obtained from all tested sample types using incubation times as short as 10 seconds to as long as 1 hour to view the data, go to:

semen Study shorter Incubation of RSID-Semen shorter inc-time Study shorter Incubation of RSID-Saliva

Room temperature extraction of forensic samples for a minimum of 10 seconds is sufficient for detection of semenogelin with RSID-Semen and RSID-Saliva. Longer incubation times (i.e., 5-60 minutes) are optional.