• Ideal for routine & challenging samples
• Optimized lysis for most forensic samples
• Uses a larger volume for efficient lysis
• Fully validated for all sample types: manual and automated extractions



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magnetic beads


Crime Prep Adem-kit and DN-Adem-Kit for STR Profiling. Both kits are specifically designed for forensic DNA laboratories. Ultra pure DNA with STR quality from casework samples.

The Crime Prep Adem-kit maximizes quantity and quality of recovered DNA. AutoMag solution: automated DNA extraction (Kit + Instrument) now available.

High quality STR profiles depend on DNA quantity and quality. Smart D-NAdem- kit for profiling purifies and normalizes DNA capture from reference and database samples. The kit delivers a standardized quantity of PCR quality from blood and buccal swabs and cards.

Advantages of the D-N-Adem kit:
• More first run profiles
• Saves time, saves money, less reanalysis
• Quick process and easy implementation on robotic workstation
• Cost-effective solution for DNA database
• Validated for FTA cards (no inhibition by residual FTA) and swabs collection products (cotton and nylon swabs with wood or plastic shafts)

New: Magnetic Beads
AutoMag solution: automated DNA extraction (Kit + Instrument) now available
- Validated for Crime Prep Adem-Kit and Smart D-N-Adem kit For Profiling
- Rapid implementation with prevalidated, preprogrammed protocols
- Process 12 samples
Direct mRNAdembeads Purification Kit:
A unique mRNA selection method which enables purification of messengers from cells or whole blood. This magnetic based product is well adapted for small to large scale mRNA purification
• Allows to work with small volume in comparison with mRNA purification from Total RNA
• Ready to use kit: no beads regeneration required
• More convenient for many subsequent RT-PCR
• Scalable system: the quantities of reagents are adapted for each amount of starting material (cells or whole blood)
• Very low ribosomal contamination
• Intact and pure mRNA without degradation
• Purification of all mRNA sizesFast system: less than 30 minutes
Very low elution volumes: 10 < x < 50μl

Crime Prep Kit:

New: Magnetic Beads

  • Characteristics:
    • Calibrated magnetic particles
    • Fully compatible with real-time
  • Innovative chemistry:
    • Unique polymer for efficient
    nucleic acid capture without
    interference in real-time PCR
  • Ready to use:
    No ethanol or chaotropic salt
  • DNA:
    DNA is ready for multiplexed PCR
    without inhibitors and DNA can be
    conserved for months at –20°C
    • No organic extraction
    • No silica-based purification
    • No precipitation