Boost Your Amplicons

Post PCR Clean-up Kit:
• Boost Amplicon RFUs
• Reduce Unincorporated PCR Primers
• Elute with Formamide LIZ/ROX
• Ready for CE
• Recover All your Data
Prescribed for:
• Low Template Reaction
• Inhibited PCR- Touch DNA
• Anytime you need More Signal


before and after using Amplicon RX

After using Amplicon-RX:


Before using Amplicon-RX:

before amplicon


Amplicon vs. Competitor

We have tested:

• ABI Kits
• Promega Kits
• Y-STR Kits
• Mixtures
• Standard DNA´s
• Full-sized PCR reactions
• Half-sized PCR reaction
• Quarter-sized PCR reactions (3-4x)
• Competitor products
. . . . .
Observed RFU Boosts: dependent on
PCR reaction size, up to 20 x !