Future of Forensics & DNA - February 23 - 25. in Bielefeld

Visit us at the booth from 9 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. FH Bielfeld - Germany , life-demonstration of Sperm-HY-LITER

free to meet our experts at the booth or contact them via e-mail: Dr. Ulrike Schacker from Galantos Genetics
contact for questions info@galantos.eu ; phone: +49-6131-720620


    DNA Rescue Kits
    DNA Emergency

    Improve your DNA Success Rates for
    Touch Samples.

    Collect and recover more DNA from touched items, fingerprints, adhesives and LCM samples.

    Post PCR

    before and after electropherograms, bringing up minor profiles, successful case histories shared.

    faster staining

    Improved Sexual assault workflow -  using RSID SEMEN, HY-LITER SOS 20 minute staining


    LCM to detect, count, and isolate cells for DNA. New Sperm Scanner for automated scanning, detection, and analysis.

    washed semen

    Semen detection from fabrics after washing